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Helpful Industry Guidance For Your New Pig Building

Helpful Industry Guidance For Your New Pig Building


ADHB (formerly BPEX) mission is to help pig farmers and processors to become more competitive and profitable. The association have issued a lot of helpful publications through the years to existing and aspiring pig producers. Spanwright UK have taken a closer look at their material and summarised some of their findings relating to pig buildings.

The BPEX British Pig Project published by the Meat and Livestock Commision (MLC) recognised the huge opportunity for the British Pig Industry, but the definite need to improve performance of existing pig units. The publication highlighted the lack of reinvestment and the inefficiencies of production in pig buildings near the end of their useful life. The consequence being an increased cost of production when compared to our European counterparts. The purpose of the British Pig Project was therefore to create a comprehensive and objective guide to improving production by investing and reinvesting in modern finisher buildings.

Dry Sow House  Pig Finishing House 7  AGR14-081

Spanwright have been involved in the construction of Pig Buildings for some of the UK & Ireland’s leading Pig Producers

The same document proceeds to detail a recommended standard for design of pig buildings and examines the pros and cons of the models available to British Pig Producers. Consideration is given to ventilation, cost of build, flexibility and maintenance before outlining the other areas such as finance, pig nutrition, planning application processes, environmental and quality requirements. The full document can be downloaded here.

A more recent, 2013 publication by BPEX; Finisher Pig Buildings Design and Build – a blueprint for farms follows up on the British Pig Project with a detailed and refreshed analysis of the two main types of pig buildings;

  • 1,000 capacity fully slatted finishing building
  • 1,035 capacity solid floor, straw bedded building

The publication recognises that the slatted pig building is typical in use where efficiency of production is essential. It notes that cost of production can be further enhanced in areas subject to high and fluctuating straw prices. A typical construction cost of £160 per pig place is quoted for the straw bedded pig building. A slatted pig building is estimated to cost just a small fraction more at £190 per pig place with further scope for reduction.

Previous BPEX research published by MLC established a cost of around 1.5p/kg of deadweight for straw bedding along with 3p/kg of deadweight in additional labour. In a 12 week fattening cycle (30kg to 105kg) this equates to an estimated saving of almost £5 per finished pig. Just 16 months after commissioning a slatted house, the extra cost could be recovered and pig producers can realise the benefits of the reduced cost of production along with more available time to develop other aspects of their business.

Spanwright have worked closely with many of the UK & Ireland’s leading pig producers. Browse through some case studies of just some recent pig buildings we are proud to be associated with;

Why choose concrete pig slats?

  • Reduced cost of production1
  • Reduced mortality rate1
  • Reduced labour input1
  • Reduced veterinary & health treatments1
  • Improved Hygiene1
  • Efficient Slurry Storage
  • More rodent proof
  • Not subject to fluctuation in straw prices

1based on Finishing Pig System Trials carried out and published by the MLC:
Production Trial 1 | Production Trial 2 | Production Trial 3 | Production Trial 4

Why choose Spanwright?

  • 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of concrete slats
  • Dedicated design and detailing support team to work closely with your team
  • Certified Factory Production Control
  • High Strength Concrete & High Quality Product
  • Brushed finish for reduced slip and increased grip
  • The widest range of CE certified concrete slats in the UK & Ireland
    • Allowing greater flexibility to your needs
  • Vast range of complimentary products (internal & external wall panels)

Should you wish to discuss the construction of a slatted pig building with our expert team please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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