Service Concrete Slabs

Service Concrete Slabs

Spanwright UK  can manufacture concrete service slabs to suit bespoke design requirements offering a flexible solution for the Communications and telecoms industry. Spanwright Service Slabs (or commonly known as the ‘DSLAM’ base) offer an excellent all weather alternative to cast in-situ bases.

Manufactured with customised tapered openings for ease of cable extrusion, the Spanwright DSLAM base provides the required structural strength and stability for the communications network cabinet situated above.

Common sizes range from 950mm (L) x 574mm (W) to 1430mm (L) x 680mm (W), with a standard depth of 250mm. Installation is fast, non-weather related and the network cabinet can be secured in place once the DSLAM base is positioned. Fixing anchors already cast in-situ into the Spanwright service slabs further assists with this ‘clean’ and fast installation of the network cabinet.


  • Fast Installation
  • Non-weather restricted
  • Provides a solid working base
  • Adequate designed load capacity
  • No rust qualities
  • Fast cabinet fixing into cast-in anchors
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Tapered opening for ease of cable extrusion


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