Precast Concrete Beams & Columns

Precast Concrete Beams & Columns

With a variety of standardised beams already on offer, we developed the capacity to manufacture tailor-made, precast concrete beams and columns to suit individual client requirements. We are CE Certified to design and manufacture linear structural elements to EN 13225 ensuring not only a reliable product, but also compliance with construction products regulations.

Spanwright manufacture beams based on client specification or assign some of our skilled and experienced Engineers to design the unit before passing it on to our draftsmen. The combination of high quality raw materials and processes with experienced craftsmen means we can facilitate most requirements such as irregular shapes, notches, lifting pins, fittings etc.

Depending on the scale of the project, all our units will be cast in sequence from manufacture to site fitting ensuring a high level of efficiency and accuracy for installation contractors. Using state of the art design software, point accuracy lifting eye locations on all Spanwright products provide installers with the confidence they require for lifting and placing of each unit.

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