Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panels

Advanced production techniques have resulted in a high quality, easy-clean finish, significantly reducing maintenance time & costs. These Precast Panels significantly increase the speed of build whilst minmising the unpredictable nature of time on site. Along with minimising the collection of dust and bacteria due to their design.

External panels are manufactured using high-grade concrete and insulation ensuring excellent durability & thermal performance whilst significantly reducing erection time & costs on site.

Panels are installed with a waterproof and airtight seal helping reduce in -house perspiration.

 Please do not hesitate to make contact and consult with our Agricultural department regarding the use of our products for your construction project. The Wright product range is manufactured in ISO accredited plants, with all products designed and certified to the relevant required standards. Utilising high strength concrete along with durable finished product sets our firm apart within the industry making Wrights the company of choice for quality and experience.



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