SpanWright AB ECO-Floor

Concrete & Rubber Hybrid Walking Surface

The Spanwright AB ECO-Floor features a 50% concrete, 50% rubber walking surface.  Traditional cow mats and post-fix rubber slat mats can be problematic as cows can lie in the wrong place or do not get enough hoof wear.  This flooring solution provides sufficient wear on the hooves whilst offering the comfort and grip of rubber. The surface is even, and free of sharp edges, providing comfort and ‘walkability’ for the cows.

Excellent Manure Drainage

The floor surface is profiled, offering outstanding manure drainage. Removable rubber inserts are securely protected within the concrete product allowing surface scrapers to pass unobstructed and effectively across the Floor.

Optimum ‘Walkability’ leading to Improved Wellbeing and Increased Profit

The hybrid concrete and rubber walking surface ensures a high grip for cows.  The combination of concrete and rubber is key to the high grip properties.  The two materials increase the anti-slip properties.  Cows exhibit natural behaviour on the ECO-Floor and are more active than on standard concrete slats.  The increase confidence in walking improves heat detection and general cow health and this increased activity implies a better spread of feeding intervals and an improved energy intake.

Success in Europe

German research institute DLG independently tested the ECO-Floor showing significant welfare benefits. It is now being used by more than 700 dairy farms across the EU catering for over 60,000 cows.

The ECO-Floor is the perfect alternative to:

  • Traditional cattle slats

  • Post fix slat mats

  • Post fix slat rubber

Talk to us today about using the ECO-Floor in your existing shed or if you’re starting a new project.


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