Customised Wall Panels

Customised / Bespoke Concrete Wall Panels

The quality of our customised, precast concrete wall panels stem from an experienced design and production team with many years of experience in the manufacture of precast concrete products.

Responding to our client needs for faster installations and versatile building layouts, we have the ability to produce, supply and install external and internal concrete wall panels in both insulated and un-insulated form.

Spanwright Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated or Sandwich Wall Panels are manufactured using high-grade concrete and insulation ensuring excellent durability & thermal performance whilst significantly reducing erection time & costs on site.

Our design team can provide a broad variety of sizes to cater for the demanding and changing requirements of industry and client preferences. A variety of panel arrangements are available including standard panels, door and window opening panels, gable end and apex panels, and this versatility is extended by matching individual customer requirements.

Panels start from 180mm wide and can be customised to client requirements to suit their individual thermal efficiency requirements.  Panel heights can reach 3.5m tall and lengths will vary depending on building dimensions and transport limitations up to 13m in general.


  • Increased speed of installation
  • Bespoke to suit client requirements
  • Professional Fitting Service available
  • Energy and thermal efficient structures
  • Eliminates internal sweating
  • Quality finished surface

Spanwright Solid Wall Panels

Complementing our many products for the Residential, Commercial and Civil Sectors -our tailor made wall panels can be used in various structures including shopping centres, car parks, industrial buildings, residential buildings and apartments.

Offering quick, easy and predictable installation along with structural stability, precast wall panels are becoming increasingly popular. Whilst already offering standard sized units (see prestressed wall panels) to suit many applications, our design team have the ability to provide tailor-made solutions to satisfy most project requirements.

With a team of skilled craftsmen, the detail which is often required in tailor-made panels is perfectly attainable along with a smooth, quality finish.


  • Increased speed of installation
  • Bespoke to suit client requirements
  • Professional Fitting Service available
  • Positive Thermal Mass
  • Quality finished surface
  • Durable
  • Fire Resistant

Supply & Installation

Where required, our experienced fitting crew can install panels with ease further reducing the task at hand for our clients.

Please contact Spanwright UK today to find out more information or to receive a quote for an upcoming project.


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