Cubicle End Walls

Cubicle End Walls

Spanwright UK Cubicle End Walls provide the necessary stable partition at the end of the cubicle runs.

Manufactured with ‘soft’ edges around the outer perimeters, this easily installable precast unit provides suitable structural and stability qualities to meet the demanding requirements of our farming sector.

The units come in both ‘right’ and ‘left’ sided arrangements and will form together to provide a full double cubicle end wall allowing the suitable competition for closing the double cubicle run.

Spanwright Cubicle End Wall Benefits:

  • Structural closure of cubicle run
  • High quality finished surface
  • Durable, long lasting material – no rust possibilities
  • Suitable structural wall for hanging water troughs
  • Incorporates half of a cubicle base

Sizes range to suits cubicle bases and in general include 2.4m (8’) and 2.7m (9’).

The Spanwright product range is manufactured in ISO accredited plants, with all products designed and certified to the relevant required standards.

Please browse through our product range and project case studies or speak to our experts today who will be happy to advise on the best solution for your individual needs.



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