Cattle Drinkers

Cattle Drinkers

Wrights manufacture a wide range of water drinkers to cater for your animals needs. Our water drinkers can be placed in any location to suit your requirements and are easily connected to the source water supply. Fittings and lids are available where required.

Some of the main features / benefits of our concrete water drinkers include:

  1. Highly durable finished product
  2. Strong and secure design
  3. Fast Flow and Empty system available
  4. Easy installation to any location
  5. Incorporates a float mechanism to ensure measured water intake with no overflow

Product Dimensions
10 – 23 Gallon Units
Single & Double Drinker options
10, 17 and 23 Gallon sizes
Lengths from 760mm to 1220 mm, width 460 mm and depth 360mm

75 Gallon Units
Length 1700mm, width 800 mm and depth 500mm

150 Gallon Units
Length 1850mm (6ft0), width 920mm and depth 625mm

375 Gallon Units
Length 2960mm, width 1225mm and depth 745mm

The Wright product range is manufactured in ISO accredited plants, with all products designed and certified to the relevant required standards. Utilising high strength concrete along with durable finished products sets our firm apart within the industry making Wrights the company of choice for quality and experience.

Please do not hesitate to make contact and consult with our Agricultural Department regarding the use of our products for your construction project.


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