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Established in 2010 to supply precast concrete products to the UK construction industry, Spanwright UK have put their 65 years’ experience in the concrete & construction industry to good use, expanding their customer base at an impressive rate. Reliable, honest and efficient service at all levels of our business ensure clients have the best chance of remaining on schedule and under budget. Spanwright UK have worked successfully with many of the United Kingdom’s leading Contractors and Builders on a wide variety of projects;

  • Residential Construction Projects
  • Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects
  • Infrastructure Construction Projects (Rail & Utilities)
  • Civil Works Projects (Water Reservoir & Defence Systems)
  • Environmental Construction Projects (Biofilter Floor Plates & Ventilated Flooring)
  • Agricultural Construction Projects (Cattle / Pig Housing Facilities & Grain Drying)

Spanwright UK offer quick turn around from sign off and work closely with project teams to ensure product arrive on schedule and with minimal disruption to other site works. Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing in excess of 1,500 tonnes of concrete per week, often delivering up to 7,000m² of concrete flooring along with a host of other standard and customised concrete solutions;

  • Concrete Floor Slabs (Prestressed Hollowcore Flooring / Floor Planks /Composite Plate Flooring)
  • Concrete Stairs Landing Slabs (Concrete Staircases / Concrete Steps / Concrete Terrace Units)
  • Concrete Wall Panels
  • Concrete Balconies
  • Heavy Duty Ventilated Flooring for Grain, Biomass / Woodchip
  • Concrete Slats & Support Beams (Cattle Slats, Pig Slats & Slurry Channels)
  • Concrete Drinker and Concrete Feeding Troughs

We also supply a range of bespoke solutions and our skilled design team will work with you to determine cost-effective and efficient solutions for your individual requirements. Spanwright UK concrete products are manufactured in modern production facilities with ISO certification operating comprehensive quality control procedures and our engineering and design team are well versed in British and European design standards.