Concrete Drying Floor on Display at Cereals 2016 – The Arable Event

News Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Members of our agricultural sales team will this week, travel to Cambridgeshire to exhibit at Cereals 2016 – the UK Arable Industry’s leading technical event.

Recognising the need for a hard-wearing alternative to timber drying floors without the additional labour on site associated with in-situ alternatives Spanwright developed a precast concrete drying floor in late 2014.

Supported on timber bearers, the Spanwright Concrete Drying Floor Units piece together with ease to create an undisruptive and even flow of air into the store above. The mesh is completely removable and even the complete units can at a later point be removed and relocated resulting in the most flexible drying floor on the market.

Since launching the product, the ventilated floor product has undergone further development, and Spanwright now offer a variety of mesh options to best suit your application.

Working closely with our clients, Spanwright have recently developed a Precast Concrete Airflow Chamber/Tunnel to complement the drying floor. Visit Spanwright at Stand 563 to view our product range and discuss your upcoming projects with our sales team.

Spanwright UK Ventilated Floor Applications:

  • Crops & Cereals – Grain / Wheat / Rapeseed / Corn / Maize etc.
  • Vegetables – Onions, Potatoes
  • Wood Chip & Biomass Fuels

Spanwright UK Ventilated Floor benefits:

  • Multi-crop drying & cooling solution
  • Fast & Simple Installation
  • Reduced labour costs / Reduced Material costs
  • Removable Mesh
  • Heavy machinery up to 15t axle loading
  • Hard-wearing durable surface – support high pressure washing
  • Excellent protection against pests and vermin