University of London – Precast Concrete Steps & Terracing

Precast Concrete Steps Terracing


Spanwright Install Precast Concrete Steps for University of London Terracing

Spanwright were recently involved in the redevelopment of the University of London’s iconic Senate House. The works were undertaken to provide a centralised location of the world’s leading institution of languages, SOAS. Spanwright were appointed by the main contractors to manufacture and install precast concrete steps for an informal seating area between the basement and ground floor level.

Bespoke Concrete Design & Manufacture

After receiving plans of the terrace units, an appointed draftsman from Spanwright assembled detailed production and installation drawings for approval. The concrete step way up both sides of the seating area consisted of 3 pieces each. The terracing units were split into 14 L-shaped pieces with slight adjustments made for the top and bottom pieces.

The mould was fabricated using specialised ramps and CNC machined formwork to ensure precision. After placing the steel reinforcement, high strength concrete was placed by Spanwright’s skilled operatives. Spanwright precast concrete stairs come with a smooth finish which facilitated the easy application of the final timber dressing.

Installation by Spanwright

Spanwright installed the precast concrete steps in less than one day. A self-erecting tower crane was required to lift the units over the 5 story, Grade II listed building and into the central courtyard. Spanwright’s installation crew carefully the placed the units onto the steel frame with units supported by steel brackets.

The Finished Product

Spanwright completed the installation with minimal disruption to other site activities. The area was opened mid-2016 and provides an attractive, efficient open space for students and staff of the college.

Senate House North Block – Timelapse of Construction

Benefits of Precast Concrete Steps and Terracing

  • Safety: Less time on site and associated risk
  • Speed: No formwork or casting delays – precast units are simply set in place
  • Predictable: Less subject to weathering delays allowing the project to stay on programme
  • Value: Efficient manufacturing techniques when compared to on site alternatives
  • Robust: Concrete is a robust and durable product to withstand the test of time
  • Quality: Consistent and high product quality from a factory environment


Other Applications of Precast Concrete Terracing

  • Sports Stadiums
  • Leisure Centres
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Concert Halls
  • Cinemas

Spanwright UK manufacture a range of concrete products including;