Precast Concrete Flooring – Seaside Dwelling

Precast Concrete Flooring

Precast Concrete Flooring – Seaside Dwelling


Spanwright UK were recently commissioned to design and supply precast concrete flooring and concrete stairs for a luxury seaside dwelling house. The stunning 3 floor building is located in North-West Wales and hosts a boat store, car port and terrace balcony offering stunning views across Trreaddur Bay. Precast concrete flooring and stairs proved an efficient solution, speeding up the work program and reducing the associated costs and risks on site.

After receiving construction issue drawings, Spanwright design engineers considered the loading and spans before specifying a 150mm prestressed floor unit. The file was then handed over to one of our experienced drawing technicians for detailing. The house features a range of angles which resulted in lots of splayed ends in our precast units and slabs were supported by masonry walls and steel support beams across the ground floor over basement. Service openings and notches were also identified at this stage to ensure a quick installation. The concrete stair units featured a half landing with splays and notches also incorporated into the design.

This careful attention to detail in the design process was carried through to the production and despatch phase of the contract ensuring no nasty surprises on site. 4 positioning pins were cast into each slab to assist our client in the installation of the units.

Contracts Manager on the project, Hefin Edwards was pleased with the outcome;

“With a lot of splayed angles and service openings on the floor, attention to detail was crucial to keep us on track with this project. Spanwright executed the contract perfectly and all units arrived on schedule and fitted perfectly.”