Precast Concrete Floors For New Private 2 Story Home

Precast Concrete Flooring Private 2 Story Home

Precast Concrete Floors in New 2 Story Home

Spanwright recently completed the safe installation of precast concrete floors for some first time homeowner’s. With a 45-degree bend and an open plan layout in the ground floor, concrete slabs were required to span as far as 7.6m.

After receiving drawings, the Spanwright engineering team specified 200mm prestressed concrete slabs. A small amount of supporting steelwork was required to facilitate the open plan layout with the client. Slabs were cut in the factory to allow for the 45-degree bend along with notches being left for laundry chutes and fireplaces. Modern detailing and production methods ensured accuracy in all slab dimensions and the installation ran smooth.

Precast Concrete Floors – the benefits for homeowners
• High resistance to fire
• Excellent sound resistance
• Exceptional thermal properties
• Strong, durable and sustainable structure
• Quick installation and a reduction in build programme

Precast Concrete Floors – the benefits for Architects and Builders

• High load capacity and efficient design make long spans achievable
• Reduces need for load bearing walls
• Allows for greater flexibility in design
• Less formwork and scaffolding
• Immediate safe working platform after installation
• Reduced construction programme
• Site progress not subject to weather

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