Pig Finishing House – Slatted Tank

Pig Slats

Pig Finishing House – Slatted Tank


Project Overview

The development of a Pig Finishing House for the Holmefield Farm Services business, is for the housing of breeding sows and their offspring right through to finished pork on a fully slatted production system. With 4 buildings forming the main pork production system, the pigs are systematically moved through each area until they reach 105Kg at finishing stage, and at which point they are sold on.

All of the buildings cater for slurry storage within a sealed slurry storage tank underneath the slats. Two drainage channels were also formed into the base which allows for a more efficient and unique cleaning procedure.  The slurry storage tanks were designed to provide in excess of the required 26 weeks storage capacity required by the NVZ regulations.

Product Solution

Spanwright flooring products were extensively selected across the entire project. Resulting from our design drawings, the client received the most economical coverage of pig slats and beams throughout the pig finishing house buildings.

On this large development – the following Spanwright products were utilised:

  • Pig Slats 920 No. 3.69m Gang Slats at 150mm deep

56 No. 2.59m Gang Slats at 100mm deep

  • . 1.82m Gang Slats at 100mm deep


105 No. 254mm x 254mm at 3.54m spans

126 No. 200mm x 100mm at 2.40m spans

Delivery & Fitting

Spanwright were contracted to supply and fit the entire flooring solution. This consisted of 55 deliveries from articulated trucks which was managed and sequenced to allow the most efficient fitting arrangement on site. The Spanwright site engineers placed all support beams and slats across the development in line with agreed construction time scales.