Pig Building for 5,000 Finishers

Pig Building

This state of the art, £2.1 million finishing farm has been constructed for one of the UK & Ireland’s leading pig producers. The site had not been previously used for pig farming but the two new pig buildings will have a combined capacity for 10,000 pigs alone.

With a fattening cycle of 12 weeks, pigs will enter the house at 35kg and climb to around 120kg in advance of slaughter. The forward thinking producers are striving to produce antibiotic-free pigs and the close attention to detail in these two pig buildings is certainly another step towards this goal.

Pig Building Layout

Each house consists of 5 rooms with 24 pens each. The front of the first building features a health centre, office space and mixing room. Particular attention has been given to the ventilation system and temperature controls to maximum daily gains. Dry feed is delivered to each pen automatically using an auger system.

Underground Slurry Storage

The shuttered concrete tank extends the width of both pig buildings. Internal mass concrete walls have formed 6 boxes under each pig building. Within each box there are further part-dividing walls, columns and beams to support the steel framed structure and concrete slats. Pockets were pre-formed in walls to allow precast concrete support beams to fit neatly.

Each building has the capacity to store 12 million litres of slurry. An aeration system is used in the base of each tank to keep the slurry homogenous, pumpable and ready to spread.

Concrete Slats and Beams

Spanwright was chosen to supply and install concrete slats and associated support beams. A project of this scale required close co-operation with the client, engineers and contractors. When the layout was finalised, a drawing technician assembled a slat layout drawing for approval. This drawing took account for internal steel columns and our production team adapted product moulds to allow for a neat fit.

The client selected our latest design in pig slats with additional cross ribs and narrower rib width. The concrete slats were manufactured using quality raw material and techniques resulting in a high strength concrete and quality finished product. Slats were left with a brush finish to increase grip and comfort for the pigs. All Spanwright slats are CE certified and comply with welfare requirements.

Skilled Installation Team

The sequence of installation was established in conjunction with the contractors and various tank walls were omitted initially to allow efficient installation of the slats. As the tank walls and columns progressed, our technical representative visited the site regularly to take as-built measurements to feedback to the production and installation teams. The installation crew consisted of 3 personnel, a truck mounted crane and forklift. Beams and slats were carefully levelled and spaced during placing to ensure a solid, level and consistent floor across the entire pig building.

A Quality Finished Product

The finished pig buildings are both impressive and efficient. Early indications are that pigs are performing ahead of schedule.

Should you wish to find out more about our concrete pig slats or discuss a similar project please contact our technical sales team today.

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