Dry Sow House

Dry Sow House

Dry Sow House


This new dry sow house development in North Cornwall was part of the business expansion and complimented the existing pig farm where the business offers a high welfare bred pork using Hermitage Zebra Pigs. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, the business management selected the Spanwright concrete flooring solution to cater for 200 new dry sow arrivals – which will significantly increase their existing 360 sow breeding stock over time.


Starting on a new green field site, the new slurry tank was constructed with cast insitu concrete walls and support columns. The Spanwright European profile pig slats were then placed on Spanwright support beams and accurately guided into positioned across the entire tank area. All scheduled deliveries were on time allowing the remaining structural components to follow as planned.


Spanwright undertook a supply only contract which included:

Focused input from our Spanwright design office resulted in a mix of 2 product sizes being utilised. This result ensured maximum slat coverage across the tank and the most efficient flooring solution being delivered to the client. All slats confirm to EU animal welfare regulations and manufactured with CE Certification.