Concrete Attenuation Tank 180,000 Gallon

Concrete Attenuation Tank

Concrete Attenuation Tank – 180,000 Gallon

Spanwright recently installed concrete flooring on the roof of a surface water attenuation tank in a large scale housing development.

The attenuation tank will be used to store surplus storm water that the conventional drainage system cannot cope with. This reduces the risk of flooding and associated damages.

200mm prestressed concrete slabs topped with a 75mm screed were specified Spanwright to support the 500mm depth of grass cover above the storage tank and also the vehicular loading.

The external walls consisted of 250mm reinforced mass concrete walls with concrete beams spanning between the 225mm internal block walls to facilitate the minimum 100mm end bearing requirement of the concrete slabs.

The 8 access openings to the attenuation tank were formed using both single and double hanger brackets supplied by Spanwright. This steelwork was galvanised due to the nature of the project.

Spanwright’s expert installation team had placed the entire floor area in under 3 days keeping the overall project work program on track and causing minimal disruption to other site activities.

Concrete Attenuation Tank
Concrete Attenuation Tank

Concrete Attenuation Tank

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Project Statistics

  • Tank Capacity = 805m3
  • Plan Area = 1700m2
  • Number of Slabs = 373
  • Days to fit = 3 Days (by Spanwright)

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