Cinema Stairs & Landing Slabs

COM05-00 Cinema Stairs

Precast Concrete is Stair of Choice for Cinema and Leisure Development

Spanwright UK are proud to have been selected for the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete stairs and landings in the recently developed Whiteley Cineworld and Leisure Development.

The £18million pound development was phase two of recent developments in the Hampshire town including Whiteley Shopping Centre which opened in May 2013. The 9 screen cinema also hosts 5 restaurants and a pub and since completion.

The main contractors appointed Spanwright to supply cinema stairs for all 7 staircases in the building. The complex consists of a variety of attractive stair types including;

  • Precast Concrete Straight Flights with Precast Concrete Half Landing
  • Precast Concrete Flights with Precast Concrete Quarter Landing
  • Precast Concrete Flights with Precast Concrete Half Landings

The concrete stairs were manufactured by Spanwright UK in 24 separate flights with 16 associated landing slabs. All brackets and fixings required for the safe installation on site were fitted in the factory. A 50T and 80T mobile crane were used by the fitting crew during installation and all concrete stairs were installed in under 5 days.

The project was completed in November 2015 and has since become a popular meeting place for local residents and visitors.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Stairs and Landings

  • Cost efficient
  • Reduced time on site & associated cost and health and safety benefits
  • Instant access during construction (temporary handrails can be easily installed immediately after installation)
  • No propping required and associated health and safety benefits
  • High quality finish from factory environment
  • High level of accuracy from modern and reliable production techniques
  • Excellent Fire Resistance
  • Excellent Thermal and Acoustic Performance

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