Apartment Complex – 6 Story – Concrete Flooring, Stairs & Landing Slabs

Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex in Dublin (6 Story) – Concrete Flooring, Stairs & Landing Slabs

A £60m new apartment complex development featuring Spanwright’s Concrete Flooring in South Dublin has 197 modern and comfortable apartments contained within a six-story building along with a semi-basement car park.

Spanwright worked closely with the main contractors in the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete flooring and stairs. A combination of reinforced and prestressed 200mm concrete slabs were used to cover the 17,000m² floor area. Spanwright began installing the concrete flooring in January 2016 with the final delivery taking place in September.

On a project of this scale, it was crucial for Spanwright’s despatch and fitting team to work closely with the client to ensure minimal disruption to other site activities. Production scheduling was equally important to ensure the successful delivery of this project.

Prior to this project, 240 houses and 143 apartments had already been built within the 78-acre site with scope to create another 1,400 homes. Soon after being awarded the contract to supply precast concrete products to this project, Spanwright were contracted to a second apartment complex of similar scale which is now also nearing completion.

Project Statistics

  • 466 Truck Loads of Precast Concrete Products
  • 17,000m² of Precast Concrete Flooring
  • 146 Precast Concrete Stair Flights
  • 47 Precast Concrete Landing Slabs
  • 100 Ton of Structural Support Steel

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