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Anaerobic Digestor Plant

Anaerobic Digestor Plant

Project Overview
Anaerobic digestors are becoming an increasingly popular method of providing sustainable energy and heat to local facilities and also the national grid. By processing food waste, livestock manure and slurries vast amounts of biogas, energy and heat can be generated.

Spanwright were pleased to contribute to a number of large renewable energy production facilities through the supply of one of our ventilated flooring solutions.

Product Solutions
These anaerobic digestor facilities require a highly durable concrete and heavy load bearing capacity. Spanwright’s design and production teams delivered a slatted floor solution that incorporates a sulphate resisting cement to cater for the aggressive environment. The 1200mm wide units were fitted swiftly before placing a metal mesh and lightweight expanded clay aggregate down as bedding/media.
The finished floor provided the perfect combination of strength and ventilation.

Site 1:
Sutton Grange Farm
DN22 8SB

Site 2:
Basingstoke AD Facility
RG23 7LW