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Concrete Flooring

Spanwright produce precast reinforced and prestressed hollowcore flooring units. Our technical department will be able to advise you which product is best for your particular application.

In general precast units are more economic for shorter spans (up to 6m) and light loading situations, eg Housing construction, while prestressed units can span longer distances and take heavier loads.

Key Characteristics of Flooring Unit Options

Precast Prestressed
Stock Item (50mm Increments) fast turn around Can accommodate large service openings
No Precamber - Ideal for finishing trades Long clear spans possible with minimum depth
600mm wide lighter unit requires smaller crane Most economical span to depth ratio
Cantilever up to1500mm achievable in standard units Designed to suit particular requirements of each project
210 Slab meets airborne sound resistance of 300kg/m2 Can be fitted into steel beams to reduce overall floor depth