Case study overview

Grain Drying Floor and Air Chamber - Gloucestershire Agricultural

Precast Concrete Floors For New Private 2 Story Home Residential

Apartment Complex - 6 Story - Concrete Flooring, Stairs & Landing Slabs Residential

University of London – Precast Concrete Steps & Terracing Commercial

Pig Building for 5,000 Finishers Agricultural

Concrete Attenuation Tank 180,000 Gallon Civil

Not Your Average Cattle Shed! Cattle

Hollowcore Floor Units Residential

Care Home Flooring - Concrete Hollowcore Residential

Primary School Floor Solution Commercial

Cinema Stairs & Landing Slabs Commercial

Stadium Steps - Concrete Stairs Commercial

Plate Flooring - Tesco Extra Commercial

Precast Concrete Flooring - Seaside Dwelling Residential

Pig Finishing House Pig/Sheep

Dry Sow House Pig/Sheep

450 Cow Dairy Unit Cattle

Pig Finishing House - Slatted Tank Pig/Sheep

Reservoir Roof, Hampstead, North-West London Civil

Anaerobic Digestor Plants - Simdean Envirotec Civil

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